Katrell Mendenhall

From model and television shows to successful business woman, red carpet appearances and author

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The straight-talking, perfectly coiffed Katrell Mendenhall uses her sound advice and savvy expertise to help turn around a wide variety of struggling businesses, from restaurants to dog hotels. Her blunt, charismatic and successful business sense will whip any business into shape from the ground up.

100% WOMAN

It has been Ms. Katrell's experience and philosophy "It is easier to build a girl than to rebuild a woman".  Her 90 minute workshop has laid the foundation for adolescent girls to transform into womanhood from the inside out!

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Who Is Katrell?

First there was modeling, then there was Chicagolicious, and now Katrell Mendenhall takes her passion to businesses. Katrell is a successful business woman, motivational speaker, and advocate for adolescent girls. Katrell is driven without question. She strives to help others achieve their dreams and is known for pushing boundaries to get them there. From television shows to red carpet appearances to author and owner of online men's apparel, Katrell is never one to slow down. She dedicates her time to inspiring people to take charge of their lives and make the right decisions to become who they truly want to be. Katrell has a knack for transforming struggling businesses into successful ones. Through her no-nonsense approach and savvy business expertise, she draws on her own life experiences, and her distinguished coaching skills to offer straightforward advice in order to help  turn their companies around.

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